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Talk for Writing resources and links

Key resources that will help you implement Talk for Writing in your school:

Downloadable T4W resources

Video footage online

See Pie demonstrating how to use Talk for Writing to teach non-fiction writing from the DVD in Talk For Writing Across the Curriculum.

See video footage of how one teacher has developed the Dr Who material from the book.

Watch Pie performing
Mr Zigger & Mr Zagger (aka Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle).

Watch Pie teaching the
Little Red Hen.

Watch Pie training Literacy Consultants in how to help children
internalise text

Find more videos of Pie demonstrating the Talk-for-Writing approach here.

Visit the blog from the Improving Reading and Writing through ICT conference and watch Pie model shared writing and provide an online writing tutorial for pupils in Bolton.

Get your pupils to finish the story: On July 3 2012, Pie Corbett held a shared writing session at Plymouth University with the audience. Pie used an image that was chosen by the physical and virtual audience which was then used for shared writing. Visit the blog and get your pupils to finish the story. Please get them to add their story as a comment. Good luck! 

Printed resources 

Talk for Writing – fiction:
The original Talk for Writing fiction resources from the Primary Strategy developed by Pie supported by Julia Strong, can still be downloaded from the
NLS archive. Look around in your school. There should be the related DVDs somewhere.

Talk for Writing – non-fiction:
Talk for Writing Across the Curriculum – How to teach non-fiction writing 5-12 years (including DVD) by Pie Corbett and Julia Strong 

IWRITE - a CDROM product covers all nonfiction requirements from year 1 – 6, using talk for writing principles, by Pie Corbett. Available from Cambridge University Press.

Other useful resources

Jumpstart! Literacy games and activities for ages 7 -14 by Pie Corbett

Igniting Writing:
this contains film clips that are writing Master Classes as well as resources from Pie's website: 
Jumpstart Poetry
by Pie Corbett

Igniting WritingBy Pie Corbett, Sue Palmer and Ann Webley – 2 multimedia CD-ROMs containing themed sequences across all text types and genres to improve writing skills at key stage 2. This provides models for writing, toolkits, word/sentence games all enhanced with video clips, images, photos, audio clips – in a lively, imaginative and dramatic presentation. Nelson Thornes.

To find out more about Pie Corbett visit pie.corbett.com
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Find more resources on Pie's blog

Click on the picture to order your copy from Amazon today

Talk4Writing logo"This book will become the bible for knowing how to teach and transform non-fiction writing.... With the combined talents of Pie Corbett and Julia Strong it was always going to be good   but it is no less than brilliant."  Shirley Clarke formative assessment expert reviewing Talk for Writing Across the Curriculum

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